August forecast: Snow!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Wishing for summer to end, so I turned the air conditioning down to "frost" and made some winter (not Christmas) cards.  All these cards are in a blue and white pallette, with an occasional pop of red, and one yellow, just because. I love winter cards, and have gazillions of Christmas/holiday stamps, but discovered I only have a few general winter stamps, so I was trying to make do.  I didn't follow any sketch, just sat down for two days in a row and let it flow.  I'm behind on my OWH box due to travel and illness, but I'm trying to get a box ready for this coming week.  I'm going to make up some card kits to take on a camping trip with my daughter Monday.  I figure that when she wears me out hiking and geocaching, I can sit at the campsite and assemble cards for a while!

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